Quickly Enable Your Remote Workforce with MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management
at no cost through June 15, 2020

Whether you are a current customer looking to expand the number of managed devices including smartphones, PCs, and tablets or an organization enabling corporate issued devices or a BYOD program in response to COVID-19, we’re here to help enable and secure your remote workforce.

Easy access to business apps and services is a critical requirement. That’s why we’re allowing unlimited use of our unified endpoint management (UEM) platform through 
June 15, 2020.

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MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management Platform

The MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform enables mobile productivity with high-grade security that allows people to be productive without limits or passwords.

Secure Digital Workplace

Enable seamless and secure access to business apps and data on every endpoint in your organization. Secure mobile productivity apps including email, contacts, calendars, and tasks across multi-OS devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 10, Zebra, and OSX.


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MobileIron has been enabling and securing remote workforce since 2007.

Benefits of using MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management Platform to enable and secure remote workers

Seamless over-the-air enrollment and onboarding of devices running iOS, Android, Windows 10, and macOS

Configure consistent security policies such as passcode requirements and disk encryption across all devices

Provisioning of secure email and productivity apps like Office 365 and G Suite

Deployment of video conferencing and collaboration apps such as Zoom and Slack

Ability to quarantine or selectively wipe devices for end-to-end device lifecycle management

Drive help desk efficiency with remote troubleshooting tools which allow for screen-sharing for quick resolution of issues

Separation of business and personal data to maintain user privacy while protecting business data

Secure per app VPN and network connectivity for on-premises and cloud apps



Endpoint Management

MobileIron UEM validates the device, establishes user context, checks app authorization, verifies the network, and detects and mitigates threats before allowing access to critical resources.

Threat Analytics

Support a secure digital workplace by using forensics about your mobile infrastructure to proactively resolve performance issues before they impact data security or mobile productivity. Ensure BYOD users and frontline workers can access secure apps and data on any device.


Everything in Esential +
 core reports
12 month data history
10 members / projects
 saved reports
Predictive analytics




Everything in Esential +
 core reports
12 month data history
10 members / projects
 saved reports
Predictive analytics



Unlimited projects
core reports
60 day 
data history
members / projects
A/B Testing



MobileIron, Inc.

Complete this form and for a limited time, enroll your entire workforce including those running on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 — in our MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management platform and access Platinum features, such as Tunnel and Help@Work through June 15, 2020.

Secure Your Entire Remote
Workforce Today

Current MobileIron Customers 

Enroll an unlimited number of additional devices and deploy premium capabilities of MobileIron UEM Platinum bundle at no additional cost till June 15 2020.

New MobileIron Customers 

Use all the capabilities of  the MobileIron UEM Platinum bundle to secure and manage smartphones, PCs,
and tablets at no cost till June 15 2020.

MobileIron UEM allows IT teams to seamlessly on-board devices, provision them with secure digital workspaces and deploy apps like Zoom for video conferencing, collaboration tools like Slack that are now in higher demand, and traditional email and productivity apps like Office 365 and G Suite. IT teams also have the ability to automatically quarantine non-compliant devices, and easily retire them.

MobileIron Tunnel, a per-app VPN solution, helps organizations provide secure connectivity to on-premises and cloud applications. And with the screen sharing capabilities of Help@Work, help desk staff can solve user issues in a more efficient and timely manner.


Any organization can enroll an unlimited number of new users and devices — including those running macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows 10  — in our MobileIron UEM platform and access Platinum features, such as Tunnel and Help@Work through June 15, 2020. 

Terms and Conditions

Offer only available to MobileIron end customers with active subscriptions or active maintenance contracts for MobileIron UEM licenses (Existing Eligible Customers) OR prospective customers who have never before owned MobileIron UEM licenses (Prospective Customers).Existing Eligible Customers - Until June 15, 2020, Existing Eligible Customers will be permitted to use their MobileIron UEM licenses to secure and manage any number of additional devices above the number of licensed devices actually purchased without purchasing licenses for such additional devices. After June 15, 2020, Existing Eligible Customers will be required to purchase additional licenses if over-deployed, or unenroll devices if usage exceeds purchased license count. Existing Eligible Customers, who are currently entitled to use of UEM Silver or UEM Gold bundle licenses, will be permitted to use features of the MobileIron UEM Platinum bundle, at no additional cost, until June 15, 2020. After June 15, 2020, Existing Eligible Customers will be required to purchase UEM Platinum licenses if they wish to continue to use the capabilities of the UEM Platinum bundle, or cease using the UEM Platinum capabilities.Prospective Customers- Prospective Customers are permitted to use MobileIron UEM Platinum capabilities until June 15, 2020 at no charge[RN1] . This offer is non-transferable and may not be sold or otherwise transferred to a third party. Prices of eligible SKUs may vary by regions and authorized resellers. MobileIron reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without notice, to change or terminate this promotion at any time. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, promotions or discounts for the same product. MobileIron reserves the right to audit all requests to ensure that the terms and conditions of the promotion have been met and to request additional information regarding any and all claims. This offer can only be redeemed by MobileIron end customers directly (and not by channel partners on behalf of MobileIron end customers). Extension of this offer for orders processed after June 15, 2020 will only be valid if communicated by MobileIron to you in writing. By accepting this offer, you agree to these terms and conditions.